Boots on the ground, we develop projects in all sorts of places — a garage, perhaps a library, an artists’ studio, or park — these settings help us think and talk about art, all in the hopes of generating and exchanging ideas among experts and general audiences. These ideas, developed in a creative, open setting, help us see the work of artists and curators. We gather, we talk, we document the exchanges, and then writers and designers create the books that  communicate all that simmered and surfaced within the exhibition space and through our discussions.

Project 3: Tamy Ben-Tor & Miki Carmi


Project 1: Hrag Vartanian


Project 2: Daisy Patton


Pivotal to Minerva’s mission is the process of making artist-centric books that will be designed, published, and distributed by Minerva Press. Through interview and essay formats, as well as experimental literary approaches, the books function as a portrait, a space for reflection, and a marker of the present moment in the trajectory of the artist’s career. Today, March 31, 2023 we publish Rey Akdogan’s artist book.