Project 9: Ilona Pachler

In this current work, Ilona Pachler is forming an inquiry into mythological texts throughout histories. The form is an artist book.

By rewriting from her view of the feminine and the subjugated, she creates an entryway into rewritten possibilities. To do so, she forms a labyrinth of poetic essays and views. Her voice is developing openings that rethink and recodify typical and pervasive vilifications of female mythological figures. She strives to reimagine the power inherent in feminine knowledge and the wisdoms of the different, the so-called other.

Essays are accompanied by photographs of installations mostly assembled in her studio. The works are taken down after being photographed and the materials are reused to assemble new iterations of allegories to mythological figures. The works become ephemeral objects. They are held in perpetuity as photographs. Open-sourced images included in this artist book include depictions of mythological figures. The figures of Medea, Medusa, and the Minotaur.

Her reflections on the process of poetic writing as a non-native language speaker and its possibilities are also presented in texts. The desired result is a work built from loose pages. Each page connects to others in the set through words and visuals animated by the reader. The reader is invited to write in their words and language forms that assume the shape of a labyrinth.

ILONA PACHLER was born in Austria and lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She moved to the southwest after living in New York City for a decade. She is a textile conservator and an artist. Her work has been exhibited in Europe, Japan, and the US and lives in collections across the world, including the Upper Austrian Ministry of Culture and Education, the O.Oe. Kunstsammlung, as well as at the IBM Headquarters NY, and in private collections. She is the recipient of the Stoneborough Wittgenstein residency/ fellowship in Upper Austria, the ChaNorth Residency of the ChaShaMa Foundation in Pine Plains, New York, and grants from  Artist Space and the County of Upper Austria as well as the Talent Promotion Award of the County of Upper Austria. Her practice has been supported by grants from the County of Upper Austria.

Date: August 16, 2022
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Ilona Pachler. Minotaurs boat. 2021- 22.
Ilona Pachler. Minotaur Installation. 5 point Gallery New Mexico. Leather, rope, nails.
Ilona Pachler. Sketch for Minotaurs pierced horn. 2020.
Ilona Pachler. Medea installation. 5 point Gallery. 2022.
Ilona Pachler. Medea’s flowers. 2020 - ongoing. Leather, dried flowers, feather.
Ilona Pachler. Medea installation. Twine, linen, clay, branch.