Minerva Projects is an experiment. The fundamental objective is to support the production of stories about the work of, usually, visual artists in light of historiographical, political, philosophical or spiritual frameworks. This happens in many different ways. We aim to be nimble, generating plans that are the result of ever-changing work conditions. In order to maintain our vision, we organize public events so that the project series behaves as an interface between artists, experts, and general audiences from many different backgrounds. Inspired by the artist’s practice, we draw on thinkers and writers from related but on the surface seemingly far flung fields to write for the Minerva imprint. The program is organized by conducting an in-depth, intimate, oral interview and publishing a book for each artist. These materials are made accessible to educators, artists, and the general public through one to one distribution channels to those who are curious about the ideas and lives that underpin art. The program is by invitation only.

Watch this brief presentation to Voices of Contemporary Art at SFMoMa (2018) by our founding director Yasmeen Siddiqui to learn more about project inception, from exhibition to publication.

Minerva Projects—a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Pine Plains, New York, founded in Denver, Colorado—is a site where curatorial ideas are tested in service to publishing books.