Minerva will present two kinds of exhibitions in its small garage gallery and adjacent garden.

First, it offers a space to incubate traveling solo exhibitions intended to travel to sites and institutions as diverse as public libraries, schools, galleries and museums. Artists-in-residence work closely with the director to study and reflect upon their practice and determine and realize an optimal presentation of their work. Secondly, guest curators whose research projects test prevailing art historical narratives are invited to present their exhibitions (or work-in-progress) and collaborate on finding new venues for it.

Periodic gatherings for those curious about the work underway in the garage gallery create intimate moments for imagining the life of an artwork. These may be studio visits, artist talks, or exhibition openings. True to the mission of Minerva Projects, the work being discussed will always be framed through multiple lenses: historical, political, personal, philosophical, or spiritual.

Support is provided for travel, housing, a stipend and materials.

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